Work Experience

Rutland Water Nature Reserve offers work experience placements that aim to give young people an insight in to the variety of work that goes into the management of a large wetland nature reserve. This is a great opportunity to experience the world of work and become better prepared for a career in nature conservation. By spending time with each of our staff teams: Visitor Centres, Education, Habitat Management and Projects (including The Rutland Osprey Project); you will become involved in a variety of tasks and experiences which will allow you to develop your employability skills. Not only will you gain practical knowledge, a huge part of our role involves working with people, so by the end of your placement with us you will have greatly improved your social and communication skills.

We are looking for friendly and enthusiastic young people with a keen interest in nature conservation. You need to be prepared to work inside or outdoors (whatever the weather!) alongside staff and volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to do anything we wouldn’t do and you certainly won’t be making tea all day!

Work experience is an opportunity to learn about the recruitment process, so the first step is to complete an application form and return it to Please ensure you indicate the dates of your placement.

Please click here to download the RWNR Work Experience application form

If we are happy with your application form we will invite you to attend an informal interview.

Once we are sure a work experience placement here will suit you, we will send you the details of your placement including a timetable. Your first day will include an induction during which you will learn more about the nature reserve, the staff and our work.

Here’s what one student had to say about their placement:

Wildlife and the conservation of it has been a massive passion and drive in my life so when a week of work experience was offered to my year I had to find something relevant to this. Discovering that you could do work experience at Rutland Water Nature Reserve was perfect. I was certain this opportunity would give me a taste of what happens behind the scenes and a real feel for what a job in conservation would be like. So I went for it.
Receiving the timetable for my week definitely gave me confidence that I was going to sample all aspects of what goes on at the reserve. It said I would be working with the outdoor conservation team, the projects team and the educations team and I did just that.
From being inside doing computer and customer based tasks I was also outside getting tired, wet and mucky. The question of ‘would you like to come and make mud pies with us?’ was presented to me and I indeed ended up standing in a river smoothing out clay on the mink rafts which was like making mud pies! Not to everyone’s taste but I thought it was great. Outside I also was herding their Hebridean sheep to take them to a new site. These sheep are a beautiful breed but they don’t half give you the run around! Fence post knocking in was on the agenda on Wednesday which was a tiring job but a great arm work out.
There’s always lots going on outside but inside it’s a hive of activity too. In the dry I used a till without falsely charging anyone, I helped stock up the shop and I let everyone know what they can do at the reserve next year via Facebook. By the look of the size of the list the reserve will never be quiet.
Everyone I met who worked at the reserve was extremely friendly and gave me some fantastic advice for how I can go forward. There is an impressive fleet of volunteers here too which I commend for their fantastic work and everything they do and all of them too were really kind and welcoming. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has an interest in this line of work because it really gives you a feel for everything that a job like this entitles. Go for it like I did!

Leanne, Brooke Weston Academy, Corby