Winter Wildfowl Day – results

Last Saturday we held a Winter Wildfowl Day.  On visiting various sites around the reservoir on this rather wet and cold day the group came back for a warm drink armed with an impressive list!


Date: 20/01/2018.        Weather: 2C. Rain, brighter from 3.00pm. wind SW3.

Great Northern Diver                        Goldeneye                       Dunnock

Little Grebe                                         Smew                                Robin

Great Crested Grebe                         Red Kite                            Stonechat

Red-necked Grebe                             Sparrowhawk                  Blackbird

Black-necked Grebe                           Buzzard                            Song Thrush

Cormorant                                           Kestrel                              Redwing

Little Egret                                           Water Rail                        Mistle Thrush

Grey Heron                                          Moorhen                          Long-tailed Tit

Mute Swan                                          Coot                                   Coal Tit

Greylag Goose                                    Lapwing                            Blue Tit

Canada Goose                                    Snipe                                 Great Tit

Barnacle Goose                                  Curlew                               Nuthatch

Shelduck                                              Redshank                          Treecreeper

Wigeon                                                Black-headed Gull             Jay

American Wigeon                              Common Gull                     Magpie 

Gadwall                                               Lesser Black-backed Gull   Jackdaw

Teal                                                      Herring Gull                         Rook

Mallard                                               Great Black-backed Gull    Carrion Crow

Pintail                                                  Woodpigeon                       Starling

Shoveler                                              Collared Dove                     House Sparrow

Pochard                                               Green Woodpecker           Chaffinch

Tufted Duck                                        G S Woodpecker                Greenfinch

Scaup                                                   Pied Wagtail                        Wren

                                                                                       Terry Mitcham (20/01/2018)