Weaving of willow and other natural materials is a craft that has been undertaken for thousands of years, traditionally for baskets and other household items as well as sheep hurdles, garden supports and fencing. Today, willow weaving is as much of an art as it is functional, and due to the pliability and durability of willow it can be woven in to all sorts of forms. During the session you will learn to weave your own artwork from sustainably sourced coppice willow. You can either work individually to create a small willow creature such as a pheasant or dragonfly, or work together to create a larger piece of family or corporate art. At the end of the day you get to keep your creations. These sessions can be relaxed, or structured as a team building exercise.

This activity requires manual dexterity. We will provide all materials, tools and PPE. Participants should bring a packed lunch, and plenty to drink.

This activity will be led by the expert team from Rutland Willows at the Volunteer Training Centre. Times can be arranged to suit your group, with a taster session ranging from one hour to six hours; however to really get to grips with willow weaving we recommend a full day (9:30-3:30), or two day course.

Prices start at £700.00 for a group of up to eight people.

For more information contact our Community Engagement Officer, via community@rutlandwater.org.uk

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