Many of our Wild Horizons members are looking for jobs in the conservation sector, an area which is now quite competitive – understandably, working on a nature reserve is a popular career choice! It  can often be tricky to even get an interview – thankfully, Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust staff were on hand this weekend to help us tweak our CVs, practice our interview skills and give us tips on presenting under pressure.

The day started with a presentation from Rutland Water Nature Reserve Manager Mat Cottam, on how to write the perfect CV. All of our members had brought their own CVs in for editing, and after the presentation we got the chance to go over them with a mentor.


Ken Davies, Osprey Education Officer, then delivered an excellent presentation on… how to deliver an excellent presentation! Ken has captivated audiences of all ages on the topic of ospreys and was able to give us some handy tips on how to keep our presentations interesting and engaging.


Finally, Simon Bentley, Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust Director, gave us a talk on how to succeed at interviews. We were then able to practice possible interview questions for our chosen jobs in small groups, with a mentor to give us tips on where we were going wrong. It was helpful to be put on the spot with interview questions, as we might be in real life.


Thank you to all of our mentors on the day, Simon Bentley, Sarah Proud (Volunteer Coordinator), Ken Davies and Mat Cottam, for their assistance and advice – I think we will all feel more confident when applying for jobs in the future!

Wild Horizons is our group for young adults (18 – 30) interested in conservation. We take part in a variety of activities, including practical conservation work, species ID workshops and trips out to nature reserves. If you’re interested in joining Wild Horizons please email Holly at or call 01572 720049.

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