Team Wild Skills began 2016 with a large and promising group of individuals, who braved the snow to meet at the Volunteer Training Centre on a cold Sunday morning. It was great to see everybody who was a part of the group before Christmas, and also to meet new people who hope to join us in future sessions. Everyone fitted in perfectly and really got involved with the task in hand for the morning in true Wild Skills spirit!

Our first task was to think of how we would make a video about Wild Skills in order to promote what we actually do around the reserve, and why we as individuals make the effort to come down once a month to carry out these tasks. This included drawing up mind maps to link ideas together to give ourselves a clear idea of what we want to share about ourselves. We came up with some key messages to describe what Wild Skills is all about:

Next, we thought about the logistics of making a video; who would film, where would we film, what the people being filmed will say…. We split into groups of people who were happy to be on camera and people who would prefer to be behind the camera.

Mind map 1

It didn’t take us long to start the filming (shortly after taking a quick break to build a snowman and test out the GoPro that we are going to be filming with in the future!), and get some clips together. These clips will be edited by the more skilled IT personnel in the group, and hopefully the video will come together nicely to represent who Wild Skills are and what we do.

I hope that our new members return for more Wild Skills sessions, and learn new things about the reserve and wildlife along with us. I’m sure that everyone is looking forward to what 2016 holds in store for Wild Skills, and hopefully we’ll all meet again in February!

Amy Hall

Amy Hall

Amy Hall


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