My name is Taylor and I go to Catmose college, this week I have been taking place in work experience which was prompted by my school but I did all the research and planning towards it myself.  I picked Rutland Water Nature Reserve to do my work experience because I often spend my time indoors and not moving unless needed so I thought having a work experience that gives me an opportunity to see what the outdoors really has to offer would really help me make more suitable life choices in the future as to what I may want to do when I leave school. I hope that once I’ve finished work experience that I will have a better understanding about what I can do to influence nature and what being outdoors and in nature can do to me as a person.

This week I have done a large variety of things; on Monday the 4th I was at the Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre where I worked in the shop and did such things like taking stock, refilled any empty areas and also worked the till. On Tuesday the 5th I was again at Egleton but this time I worked with the Education Team. A school came in and we did some pond dipping, bug hunting and bird watching; not only did I help the children have fun but I learnt some things on the way. On Wednesday the 6th I moved to the Volunteer Training Centre and had the pleasure of working with the Habitat team. Because most of their nature work is done through the winter I was helping with the mandatory looking after of the site. I worked with some trainees and volunteers to fill in some hole in the road down the back of the centre that leads all the way down the hides (which can be accessed by the public). Even though after a while it started to get a bit physically straining I pushed forward and used my full potential to get the job done. On Thursday the 7th I worked at the Volunteer Training Centre again but this time I was working with in the offices and completed a weekly bird count on the lagoon and inputted the data to an online wildlife website to keep track of it in the future. On Friday the 8th I will be working with the osprey team at Lyndon and I can’t wait to see what exciting things they have in store for me.



For a long time I have thought about what my ideal work experience placement would be like and in my opinion I have discovered it.  I applied for work experience at Rutland Water Nature Reserve with the intent to learn many skills, but also gain useful knowledge about the world of work.  I chose Rutland Water Nature Reserve to be my place of work firstly, because I attend wild skills every month and I knew the area and most people, but also because I have a strong interest into conservation. 

My first day was Tuesday the 5th of July, and to be perfectly honest, I had no idea of what to expect.  After being dropped off at the Volunteer Training Centre I joined many other volunteers in laying track material to fill in the pot holes, ready for the Birdfair.  This was quite a long and tiring job but throughout the activity, I met new people and started to become more passionate about the next two weeks that were to follow. 

However Wednesday was a different day.  Myself and other volunteers arrived at Brooke Priory Primary School in the morning to start setting up for the first ever Osprey Festival.  Richie and I were in charge of photography, Linda, Ken and Pete were in charge of the whole festival whilst Abi and Becky were focusing on registering other children.  During the day each child was involved in different activities including; Arts and Crafts, Games and Lectures from a few special guests.  At the end of the day an assembly was hold to celebrate the success of the Rutland Ospreys and we were lucky enough to meet Simon Bentley the director of the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife trust. 

These were just a couple of some of the amazing days that I was lucky enough to participate in during my time on work experience.  Throughout my placement I have gained new skills that will help me in the future and also valuable knowledge about “work”. 




I applied for work experience at Rutland Water Nature Reserve because I liked the fact that it was more outdoors than indoors and I didn’t want to be stuck in an office for the whole week.

Over the course of the week I have done a wide variety of things including helping out at Egleton Visitor Centre and helping the habitat team cut out walkways in a field which have all been equally as helpful, helping to develop new skills that I never thought that I would have, for example I can now more easily determine the species of birds and some butterflies on the reserve which was aided by the staff members across Lyndon and Egleton.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the week because it gave me a real sense of what it’s like to work and I would definitely consider volunteering there again.

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