Tree planting within Hambleton Wood

A blog by Reserves Office Paul Trevor

If you’ve visited Hambleton Wood recently, you might have noticed some changes. Over the course of this winter we have set about a programme of tree planting within Hambleton wood. We have planted up an area that was previously dominated by bracken with a mix of broadleaf trees including: oak, hazel, rowan, wild cherry, hawthorn, silver birch, goat willow, field maple and crab apple. This work will increase both the structural and species diversity of the area and provide future homes for a wealth of woodland wildlife.

Rotivating the planting area, which was previously dominated by bracken

The freshly planted trees

…and the tree planting area more recently, covered in bluebells

We have also been working in an area of coppice restoration and have re-stocked it with 300 hazel and 20 oaks. This work will ensure that the coppice coup develops a fantastically dense understorey which is suitable for a whole host of woodland birds.

Volunteers hard at work

Both areas were funded by a very generous personal donation. They were planted out by our ever faithful volunteers and also by a group of patients from Arnold Lodge. This experience gave the patients, who suffer from various mental health issues, the opportunity to be outside in the fresh air, away from the more formal environment of the unit and the chance to build confidence in their ability to engage with people.