Tales from the (new) Trainees

It’s a little overdue, but the time has come! We are the new trainee reserve officers (TROs) and we’ve come to the blog to say “hello!”. Let us introduce ourselves…

“Hello everyone, I’m Claire and one of the TROs this year.

I’ve had a varied background having never found a career that has made me happy or satisfied at the end of a long hard day. Most recently I was an accountant. After a year and a half sat behind a desk I knew that it wasn’t the career for me. Before that I was a volunteer personal assistant for a tetraplegic man, this was a challenging but very rewarding time however it was always going to be an interim between university and a job. Finally, all that happened after I completed a degree in Biomedical Sciences! A varied background, as I said. Through it all I’ve always had an interest in the natural world and have always been happiest when outside exploring so I’ve decided to indulge this passion and am excited at the prospect of this coming year!“

“Hello, my name is Alexandra, better known on the reserve as Alex! I’m a new TRO at Rutland Water. My background is grounds maintenance/horticulture at an ornamental city park. I decided to apply for the TRO programme because I really enjoyed my previous job. I enjoyed using tools, working outdoors, working in teams and getting hands-on, and realised I wanted to do something similar throughout my life.

I’ve always wanted to work outdoors to protect the environment, either for the benefit of people or wildlife, or both. Prior to the traineeship, I did not hold any vocational qualifications for this type of work and the TRO post seemed like the perfect opportunity to get up to scratch with practical work experience that potential employers are looking.”

“In the words of the Rolling Stones, please allow me to introduce myself! Unfortunately, I am not a man of wealth and taste… anyway! I’m Matt and I love pretty much anything outdoors.

At the risk of sounding too lyrical, I’ll give you a little of my background. Born and raised in North Lincolnshire, a love for the natural world was kindled in this rural county on the banks of the Humber estuary. Becoming a volunteer at Far Ings National Nature Reserve helped this interest develop further. I am now a keen wildlife photographer and absolutely love getting outside and exploring with binoculars swinging round from my neck and a camera in my hand.

With this kind of interest from a young age, you might expect me to tell you that I went to university and did ecology? Maybe zoology? Perhaps land management? Nope, chemistry. And I really enjoyed it, thinking that was where my career was going to end up. But after a year in industry as part of my course, I found that chemistry was not something that was going to make me a very happy person. So I went back to what I love and I am very fortunate to have been offered this opportunity at Rutland Water and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!“

Until next time, TROs out!