Oakham residents – we need you!

We have some exciting news – the Rutland Osprey Project recently entered the Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ scheme and happily we have been selected as one of their 3 charities for the summer! If you aren’t familiar with the scheme, here’s how it works…

Our project, along with the two other successful projects in the region, will go forward to a vote in Tesco in Oakham where the customers will decide the outcome by voting for their favourite project each time they shop. Voting takes place between Sunday 1st July and Friday 31st August. The project with the highest number of votes in our region will receive £4,000, second place will receive £2,000 and third place will receive £1,000. We need you to help us raise as much money as possible, by voting for us when you shop at Tesco in Oakham. 

We entered the Tesco Bags of Help scheme with a specific project in mind. The osprey project team’s proposal is for under-privileged children from deprived communities in the local area to have the opportunity to visit Lyndon nature reserve and experience seeing ospreys for themselves during outreach sessions with the osprey education team. This funding opportunity would pay for transportation via shuttle buses taking youngsters to the nature reserve, educational activities delivered by the education team, plus resources in the form of the children’s activity book “Be an osprey expert” provided to each child. It will also provide our volunteers with more opportunities to visit local schools and get involved with osprey education at the nature reserve. We hope, if we get the most votes, to engage with children from 7 schools – that’s a huge number of young minds! 

Deprived communities are found in rural areas too, not just urban communities and Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust knows from experience that transport costs constrain the activities of schools, limiting their learning opportunities. This project would give youngsters the chance to engage and connect with nature at Lyndon nature reserve, which is inhabited by a plethora of wildlife, including the magnificent ospreys which breed at the reserve. Evidence shows experiencing the outdoors is essential for physical health and mental well-being and with more youngsters disengaged with the natural world than ever before, Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust wants to ensure youngsters from all backgrounds in the local community have the opportunity to connect with and learn through nature. Please vote for the Rutland Osprey Project next time you are shopping in Tesco in Oakham!