Lagoon 4 Wildlife Meadow Creation

The Trust is very grateful for the generosity of members and supporters including legacies, bequests and In Memoriam donations, which make a tremendous difference to the amount of conservation work the Trust is able to achieve.
This Autumn, we are hoping to start work on a project that is to be funded by a very generous donation from Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust member, Dr Sharples.

I am sure you have all noticed how fantastic the meadow (Skylark meadow) that runs along the Egleton Lane cycle track is. In the summer, this meadow is full Common Knapweed, Ox-eye daisies, Birdsfoot trefoil, Bulbous and Meadow buttercup and Wild Carrot, to name but a few of the wildflower species that attract the many butterflies that have been seen along here to include Small Copper , Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Gatekeeper and Peacock butterflies. 

We are hoping to re-create this meadow in the grassland area to the South of lagoon 4, running along the back of Sandpiper hide.  The total area is approximately  1.4 acres and once it becomes a thriving wildflower meadow, it will provide a vital link between the existing, but isolated, Skylark meadow and the Egleton meadows, enabling wildlife to move and feed between the areas.

The meadow will be easily accessible as the existing nature reserve path runs through the middle of the area and there are already benches located here.  This means there will be great opportunities for everyone to observe and enjoy the wildlife.  There will be interpretation boards as well, assisting visitors with wildflower and butterfly identification.

Fran Payne, Assistant Reserve Officer