Island clearance

One of the biggest jobs in the autumn is clearing the islands on the lagoons. Why you may ask do we do it? Well by clearing the islands we are making great areas for birds to roost and feed in the winter, but we are also creating the right conditions for breeding in the spring. We cut and rake off the vegetation from the island putting the cuttings around the edges. This allows the wildfowl to pick through the seeds and as it rots down it creates a nice muddy margin for waders to feed on. It also allows much improved viewing from the hides around the reserve.


We have 8 lagoons and some lagoons have over 20 islands! The mid-week volunteer aided by staff and trainee’s work on this for about 6 weeks in the autumn, a big task! We use mowers, strimmers, forks, rakes, waders, wellingtons, boats, and a lot of energy and enthusiasm. A big well done everyone for another year of clearance. The birds and people appreciate your efforts.