Introducing our new Assistant Reserve Officer

Before Christmas, we were joined at Rutland Water Nature Reserve by a new Assistant Reserve Officer – although he may be familiar to some! Matt Taylor introduces himself below. 

Hi everyone!  I think/hope most of you will remember me from when I was a trainee in 2017/2018, but just in case, I’m Matt Taylor and I’m lucky enough to be the new Assistant Reserve Officer aiming to fill some rather large boots left by my predecessor, Andy Neilson!


From a young age, I was an outdoor kid.  Computer games?  Pah, boring!  Climb that tree?  Count me in!  Growing up on the banks of the Humber Estuary, I developed a fascination for the birdlife and the wild spaces that could be found there.  I soon started trying to photograph the wildlife I saw and capturing those beautiful moments – something I still strive towards! 

At University, I didn’t study towards a conservation/land management/ecology degree but towards chemistry and I thought this was going to lead to a career in pharmaceuticals.  I enjoyed it, too…  But, I always had an itch that needed scratching and working in a laboratory wasn’t going to take my mind off it.  I reached a point where I realised chemistry couldn’t compete with the habitat management I had been involved with when volunteering with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.  Eventually, I reached a point where I needed to move away from Chemistry and towards a career in conservation in the good old outdoors. 

I found myself working out how to explain this to my parents before making the decision to apply for the Trainee Reserve Officer scheme at Rutland Water Nature Reserve, something I have not regretted!  I still can’t quite believe it when I applied for the Assistant Reserve Officer role and was offered the job…  It’s only just starting to sink in!

During my traineeship, I learnt so much from everyone I worked with and I thank you all for it.  I cannot wait to work with you all again and continue sharing knowledge with you, too!