Current Work

To make way for the new wetlands areas, the volunteers and staff have recently been removing some fences and hedging. This has involved coppicing sections of willow and removing Tern Hide. Some of the banks around the lagoons are to be removed and during early August an RSPB digger will be arriving to create scrapes and grips on areas of existing pasture lane.

Below are a few images of our hard working team of outdoor volunteers and staff who finally removed Tern Hide during the latter end of July .

The images show the dismantling of the hide, with the help of a large caterpillar digger to finish off the final stages and help to heap the debris onto a bonfire. The digger soon made light work of the reamaining structure.

In the meantime wardens coppiced nearby willows, while the volunteers helped to drag out the cut branches and heap them onto the fire to burn. The digger also quickly flattened part of the bank between the old hide entrance and the field beyond to make it easier to gain access and remove the felled branches.

The fencing team then proceeded to dismantle the fencing divding fields that are to make up the new wetlands with grips and scrapes.