Caterpillar Project

Caterpillar announces major partnership with Leicestershire & Rutland
Wildlife Trust (LRWT) to protect and promote the local environment

Thousands of people across Leicestershire, Rutland and Peterborough are set to benefit from an exciting new partnership between the Wildlife Trust, Caterpillar and The Caterpillar Foundation.

The innovative project will see Caterpillar and the LRWT work together to enhance the five lagoons which are currently being created at Rutland Water, by Anglian Water.

Supported by a donation from The Caterpillar Foundation, the project will improve visitor facilities and access, as well as enhance and protect the biodiversity around this important site.

“I’m delighted we have committed our support to a project which brings environmental benefits to wildlife and the local community,” said Caterpillar Vice-President Gwenne Henricks. “Sustainability is very important for the Caterpillar business, so to be involved in this project which will enhance the wild fowl reserve and will be enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year, is extremely exciting.”

The project will enable LRWT to construct floating rafts and new observation hides around the lagoons, which as well as being used by visitors, will enable the Trust to better monitor bird movement and biodiversity impacts.

Tim Appleton MBE, reserve manager at Rutland Water Nature Reserve stated:

“The LRWT are delighted to be joining forces with Caterpillar and The Caterpillar Foundation. Successful conservation is all about partnerships and we see huge benefits for people and wildlife as a result of today’s exciting announcement. Our existing partnership with Anglian Water, now in its 35th year, demonstrates our commitment to Rutland Water and we hope this new programme of activities with Caterpillar will be just the beginning of a similar long-lasting friendship.”

Work has already started on the lagoons, which will attract and retain a broad range of wildlife, especially waterfowl: while construction work on the new facilities will begin in the coming months.

Dick Elsden, Director of Government Affairs for Caterpillar in the UK, said: “Caterpillar has more than 4,000 employees working and living within 35 miles of Rutland Water, so our employees at Peterborough and Leicester will be getting involved in voluntary projects at the site over the coming year.

“I would also like to thank The Caterpillar Foundation for its contribution to a project which will deliver enormous benefits to many local communities and which reflects our ongoing commitment to the environment; ensuring it can be enjoyed by generations for years to come.”

The Caterpillar Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Caterpillar Inc. and an active funding partner in the UK in areas of environmental sustainability, sustainable education and sustainable humanity.

Caterpillar digger lends a helping hand

Caterpillar digger lends a helping hand