Cimbex connatus

Cimbex connatus

Cimbex connatus A very large (3 cm body length) sawfly, vaguely resembling a hornet but fatter bodied. Once thought extinct in Britain it was re-discovered in Wiltshire in the 1990’s and has since spread through southern England and up the east coast as far as Yorkshire. We think this record may be only the third […]

Winter Wildfowl Day - results

Winter Wildfowl Day – results

Last Saturday we held a Winter Wildfowl Day.  On visiting various sites around the reservoir on this rather wet and cold day the group came back with an impressive list…..

Sweep-netting for invertebrates in the meadows at Egleton

Bioblitz 2013 results

So how many species of wildlife are there at Rutland Water Nature Reserve? Its not an easy question to answer. Click the pic to find out the Bioblitz 2013 results.