Breeding Birds

In recent years the following notable species have bred on the reserve :

Black-headed gull
The first time breeding occurred on the Reserve was in 1999 – a new breeding record for the county.

Common Tern
Often about 60 pairs – many of them use the protected islands and floating platforms provided in Lagoons I and II. The low fencing around the islands provides protection from one of the main predators – Coots!

A peak of 65 Nests in 1999

Barn Owl
Breeding on the reserve for the last four years

Redshank and Oystercatcher

Little Ringed Plover
Chicks often visible from the visitor Centre


Several nests

In 2000 the first recorded breeding for over 10 years took place

Pochard, Gadwall and Tufted Duck


Grasshopper Warbler
Usually at least four singing males

Sedge Warbler

Reed Warbler

Regularly use nest boxes

One pair raised 2 broods in the man-made bank in 2000

Increasing numbers use the new artificial bank

Grey Heron
Up to 17 nests in the mature trees near the Fish Ponds

Water Rail
Breeding suspected or proved most years