Birdfair 2014 raises a record £280,000!

On Friday 6th February the Birdfair team, a collaboration between staff from the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, were delighted to present a cheque of a record breaking £280,000 to Birdlife International.
The funds will support the Birdlife Partnership’s work on the designation of new marine protected area and enriching worldwide marine wildlife. The funds will be spent onn ensuring that marine protected areas cover critical sea habitats for seabirds and other marine species, around Europe, Africa, Antarctica and the highseas.These sites will protect critical breeding and feeding areas, as well as areas vital for seabirds on migration.


The 2015 Birdfair will support a project named “Hope for migratory birds in the Eastern Mediterranean: action against illegal killing”.
The aim of the project will be to reduce the scale and impact of illegal killing of migratory birds, and to improve protection and laws throughout the region. The Eastern Mediterranean is used by hundres of millions of migratory birds twice yearly on their migration between Europe and Africa, each spring and autumn. The Africa-Eurasia flyway is used by more than 25 species of bird facing the threat of global extinction, including sociable lapwing and northern bald ibis – two of the world’s rarest birds.Sixty-four of the 188 songbirds using the flyway are in decline, including European roller and red-backed shrike.
Birdfair Co-organiser, and Rutland Water Nature Reserve’s manager said: “I am delighted that through Birdfair we can highlight the major issues for migratory birds in this region of teh Eastern Mediterranean, millions of birds are being slaughtered illegally as they fly to their breeding grounds and then return to their wintering grounds. It has to stop before it’s too late for many vulnerable species.”

The 2015 Birdfair will take place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of August, for more details visit