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The Lyndon Visitor Centre is now OPEN! 

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Weather and Wildlife – an Exhibition

The Lyndon Visitor Centre, on the South shore of the Reserve, was opened by Sir David Attenborough in 1985, and offers both the birdwatcher and the wildlife enthusiast, or first time visitor, the opportunity to view a wide array of wildlife from this peaceful spot. Away from the Centre, a self-guided trail leads visitors through a variety of habitats ranging from old and newly created woodland to ponds full of aquatic life and a series of birdwatching hides that overlook the water. A further hide overlooks a small pond in Gibbet Gorse wood and birdfeeders attract a range of woodland birds including Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nutchatch and Marsh Tit.

The Centre re-opened at Easter 2008 following extensive refurbishment and the installation of an exciting new exhibition. In planning for this, we wanted to showcase the wonders of wildlife around Rutland Water, but also to show how potentially fragile all our ecosystems are in the face of the threats of climate change and global changes to weather systems. Entitled “Weather and Wildlife”, the exhibition takes visitors on a fascinating journey to explain the impact of weather systems and climate change on humans and wildlife, using in particular the many migratory species that visit Rutland Water as illustration. Chief of these is, of course, the Osprey – perhaps the most spectacular migrant species at Rutland Water.

Dogs: At Lyndon, dogs are allowed, but they must be kept on a lead. To safeguard wildlife, grazing sheep and cattle, dogs are not allowed on the Egleton side of the Reserve.

The Lyndon Visitor Centre, on the South shore of the Reserve, was opened by Sir David Attenborough in 1985

You can explore the Centre by starting at any part of the exhibition, which has an inter-connecting narrative. There are four main sections.

What makes up weather?

This section includes a live data feed from a weather station situated near the Visitor Centre.

Background to climate change

This part of the exhibition explains the likely impact of different climate-change scenarios, and incorporates live links to important climate-change websites where you can find out more about the subject. There is also information and advice on energy conservation.


This section explores the study of the effect of weather and climate on the behaviour of plants and animals. We will be keeping a day-by-day record of observations on the Nature Reserve to build up our own phenological database. There is also a live connection to the Woodland Trust website,
Nature’s Calendar, where you can see the national picture … the first frogspawn, first primrose, first swift etc

The Rutland Osprey Project

Here there are live camera pictures of the Osprey nest in nearby Manton Bay. You can learn all about the project and the current situation.

There will be members of the Rutland Osprey Project team on hand to tell you more and it is an easy walk from the Visitor Centre to watch the action on and around the nest from Waderscrape hide, where our volunteers monitor the ospreys. To visit the Rutland Osprey Project website, click here.

Pulling it all together is a large globe illustrating main migration movements, and a beautiful photo-montage of wildlife and weather.

The wonderful view out of the main windows is now enhanced by illustrated panels, specially commissioned from artists Dan and Rosie Powell, which will help you identify the main species around the nature reserve.

We are grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund, Anglian Water, Cory Environmental Trust in Rutland and King’s Cliffe Environmental Association for grant funding to complete this project.

The Lyndon Visitor Centre is open every day during the summer (mid-March to early September, from 9am till 5pm)