A New Osprey on the Reserve

A blog post by Rutland Osprey Project Officer, Anya Wicikowski

Last week we were excited to discover that 6K(14), a Rutland osprey hatched in 2014, had arrived back at Rutland Water for the first time! 6K fledged from a nest on private land 4 years ago. This year it appears he is raising the stakes (or sticks) and has found himself a nest! Over the past couple of days he has started to build up the nest on lagoon 4, which is situated on the Egleton side of the reserve. He has even given visitors great views as he built up his nest and enjoyed a fish on the perch.

6k on the Lagoon 4 nest (Photo: Lloyd Park)

This is the same nest that another Rutland osprey pair, male 51(11) and female 3J(13) attempted to breed on in 2016. After laying eggs the pair were unfortunately harassed by Egyptian geese and eventually the egg was destroyed. This led to the pair leaving the nest and going their separate ways. Only yesterday news broke that the female osprey from this attempt, 3J, has laid an egg in Wales with the resident male. It’s great news to hear that a Rutland bird, which has failed here is having success somewhere else.

Will 6k have more luck that 51(11) and 3J(13)? (Photo: Lloyd Park)

As for 33 and Maya they don’t seem at all concerned about their new neighbour. Hopefully 6K can establish himself on the nest, find a mate and maybe in the future successfully breed.

Maya and 33 on the nest