A fantastic few months of volunteering

What a fantastic few months of volunteering at the reserve! The summer months have really highlighted the strength of our volunteer teams. Between March and September around five hundred volunteers gave their time to help the various conservation projects being undertaken on the reserve and to promote the work of the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust to our visitors.

Volunteers working in the visitor centres have welcomed thousands of visitors and advised them how best to experience the delights of the nature reserve in the time they have here.

At Lyndon some volunteers have “the gift of the gab” when it comes to Ospreys, a fantastic asset when visitors flock here from around the world just to see them. Once again volunteers have monitored two nests, all day every day, recording every stage of their behaviour and development from hatching to migration

The wildlife gardeners ensure the upkeep of the garden at Egleton on a weekly basis.

Let’s not forget the numerous wildlife recorders and ringers who spend many hours surveying the reserve for everything from bugs to bats and of course birds! Volunteers help with various schools visits and events, including the biggest event on our calendar- Birdfair.

This year 200 volunteers put in just under 8,000 hours at Birdfair, selling tickets and merchandise, staffing lecture theatres, the auction and events marquees as well as helping in the two visitors centres.

Whilst the management of habitats on the reserve quietens down during the breeding season the Conservation volunteers remain busy undertaking a range of other maintenance tasks on the reserve and become indispensable in the construction of the Birdfair site.

Wow! If there’s a time to be proud of ourselves this is it!  The combined efforts of all the teams are integral to the running of the reserve and promotion of conservation not only in our local area but internationally.

It is our team spirit that allows us to achieve all of the above and more year after year. Together we are definitely a force to be reckoned with!