30 Days Wild: A blog by Wild Horizons member Hannah

Today’s 30 Days Wild blog post comes from Wild Horizons member Hannah. How have you been keeping wild this month?

Much though a hermit’s life on an island of nesting seabirds sometimes appeals, my career has led me to a city centre apprenticeship in healthcare. As small cogs in a mighty machine, most staff rapidly develop ways of expressing their personality and reminding themselves that there is life outside work. I have to wait for the weekends to get my nature ‘hit’ in the form of a long country walk or cycle, so my rebellion comes in furtive top-ups of nature spotting during the hectic schedule of weekdays

Leicester city council has worked hard to keep parts of the city centre green- both in parks, along the river and in roadside hedgerows. Commuting or simply travelling between jobs thus allows me to connect me to changing seasons without leaving the city’s throbbing core. Ladies’ smock, kingcups and fumitory currently adorn the verges, whilst in the Soar families of goslings, cygnets and moorhen chicks growing steadily under their parents’ gaze. Kingfishers, goldfinches and evergreen alkanet provide welcome bursts of colour throughout the year, whilst hunting owls and buzzards by roadsides recall nature red in tooth and claw, despite health and safety’s best attempts at otherwise. Every sighting is precious, unique and unexpected, leaving me refreshed to plunge back into the tedium, of paperwork and protocols. And the best treat? Surfacing from my subversive nature spot to find someone else doing the same. An appreciation shared, a common bond of humanity kicking against the automaton society. More and more often my fellow rebels are children, and I feel hopeful that Leicester’s green spaces have a bright, wild future.