2015 Report: A summary of bird ringing at the Green Bank

This new ringing site lies at the eastern extremity of Logoon 3, immediately ‘inland’ from the main body of water and at the extreme eastern boundary of the Trust’s land holding on north side of the reservoir. The ringing site was prepared late in 2015, by which time rising water levels impeded access to newly designated net rides, the two ringing sessions being restricted to one/two nets erected along the banked access pathway leading in from the entrance gate. In summary, the new site accommodates ten or so nets in seven rides, though with flexibility. Net rides are in a mix of reed bed and scrub, though all are close to water (often over water); however, a current major feature is the lack of access to all net rides during raised water levels.

A total of 120 birds were handled during two sessions on 9th and 25th October, producing 101 new birds of 13 species, plus 19 retraps/controls of eight species (attached spreadsheet). Most birds caught were responding to a feeder erected onsite and this is reflected in the species composition, which also demonstrates the lack, then, of any reed-bed ringing, plus the fact that ringing commenced late in the year. Perhaps expectedly, most retraps involved birds previously ringed at either the Lagoon 3 CES or Lagoon 2 Demonstration sites. Averages worked out at (for new birds) 50.5 per session and (for retraps) 9.5 birds per session; or for combined totals, 60 birds per session.

On the subject of retraps and controls, the point perhaps needs emphasizing here that the lack of general access by individual Group ringers to ring details used at other RWRG sites hinders the ability to understand previous movements of birds they recapture. Hopefully this problem is in the course of being resolved; a wider and prompter distribution of Group ring-string details will hopefully enable individual ringers to overcome the main issue, i.e. differentiating between ‘retraps’ and ‘controls’. Plus, changes in the IPMR format may provide easier access to Group data – but only once it has (a) been entered at IPMR level and (b) submitted to BTO.

West Green Bank – Lagoon 3
2 4/6 3 3J RT
Great Spotted Woodpecker 1 1
Blackbird 1
Cetti’s Warbler 2
Blackcap 1
Dunnock 3 6 4
Wren 1 8
Chiffchaff 3
Willow Warbler 1
Goldcrest 2
Marsh Tit 2
Coal Tit 5 2
Blue Tit 12 35 5
Great Tit 7 5 2
Chaffinch 2 5
Goldfinch 1
Bullfinch 2
Treecreeper 1
1 26 74 0 19